Top Shelf Music Feature: Aloha Radio gratifies in “Live Without” single, ft. Andy J

Aloha Radio — an Orange County three-piece, led by frontwoman Lauren Mulderrig — has pivoted away from their signature ska-reggae sound in “Live Without”, a smoldering new single featuring the talents of Katastro‘s Andy J. The song is poppy, with EDM and hip hop elements over a solid trap beat… the perfect combination for fiery subject matter.

Aloha Radio’s sensuous single will have you ravenous for more.

Top Shelf Music Feature: Aloha Radio is on “Island Time”

Top Shelf Music Feature: Aloha Radio is on “Island Time”

Aloha Radio is on “Island Time” Let’s face it — if any year was on ‘island time’, it’s 2020. With a slow rollout, abrupt change of pace and virtually no agenda (pun intended), what better way to commemorate this forced downtime than with kicking back and making the...

Aloha Radio Featured on Fresh Out of the Booth Blog

Aloha Radio Releases New Single ‘Island Time’ This is a laid back dreamy pop-reggae ballad, that really takes me back to my holiday in Waikiki back in January of this year. The vocals are sublime and float on top of the very tropical-inspired beat. The...

Aloha Radio Featured on Ten Minute Interviews

Keeping one foot on the beach and stepping the other into the street, Orange County-based band Aloha Radio has crafted a unique sound that, via heavy grooves and catchy melodies, definitively captures the soul of Southern California. Featuring guitarist Alex Barnett,...