Aloha Radio gratifies in “Live Without” single, ft. Andy J

Aloha Radio — an Orange County three-piece, led by frontwoman Lauren Mulderrig — has pivoted away from their signature ska-reggae sound in “Live Without”, a smoldering new single featuring the talents of Katastro‘s Andy J. The song is poppy, with EDM and hip hop elements over a solid trap beat… the perfect combination for fiery subject matter.

Aloha Radio’s sensuous single will have you ravenous for more.

Starting with a sense of serenity, as wind-chimes ring out over a babbling brook, “Live Without” dives deep into the animalistic nature of infatuation. “Tell me when I’m going to see you,” begs Lauren, before she asserts “you’re every cell in my body”. For pure, passionate love does envelope “emotions bigger than an ocean” — an uncontrollable and overwhelming state of being. As the pop song goes on, the underlying tensions climb, courtesy of EDM breakdowns and a whipping backbeat. Andy J enters melodic, an eye in the engrossing storm, before spiraling into rapped lyrics, the likes of which he’s known for. You can “try and cut me off // but, you know that I’m a fiend though”. There’s simply no stopping this love.

In all, Aloha Radio has broken novel ground in “Live Without”, a direction they hopefully will continue to pursue. Not that their previous work was subpar; the band has always been a leader in the California reggae and ska industry. It’s just nice to hear a talented band deviate from the familiar, all the while staying true to their craft. “Live Without” is now available on all digital outlets.

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