Aloha Radio Releases New Single ‘Island Time’

Aloha Radio Island Time Single Artwork

This is a laid back dreamy pop-reggae ballad, that really takes me back to my holiday in Waikiki back in January of this year. The vocals are sublime and float on top of the very tropical-inspired beat. The melody is gentle and addictive, accompanied by a steady yet moving drum pattern. The lyricism in combination with the relaxed tropical sound makes for a refreshing and memorable tune. I thoroughly enjoyed this track. You can’t help but feel happy when listening to this single!

The 3-piece band from Orange County made waves in 2018 with their pop anthem “Break the Ceiling” which garnered them a wide-ranging audience. Since then, they’ve returned to their namesake, pulling from retro tropical influences and organically blending it with today’s hip hop inspired landscape. Aloha Radio’s style has been called “Uniquely pop reggae” by producer Danny Kalb, “unlike anything out there”, though the band finds it as a return to where they started. – Noah Penza

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