Aloha Radio Top Shelf Music Mag

Let’s face it — if any year was on ‘island time’, it’s 2020. With a slow rollout, abrupt change of pace and virtually no agenda (pun intended), what better way to commemorate this forced downtime than with kicking back and making the most out of life on pause? Orange County indie rock band Aloha Radio always proffers a ‘tropical twist’, yet none so conspicuous than in their latest slow and sweet single, “Island Time”.

Let Aloha Radio dim the lights and slow it all down.

Out now on all digital outlets, “Island Time” is sensual, ethereal, almost like stepping off a jetliner onto tropical Kauaian turf. Soft melodic vocals seduce the listener as lead singer Lauren Mulderrig takes pleasure in smelling “you on my pillow, like an ocean”. In a world so consumed by technology and business affairs, it’s exceedingly difficult to tune out the stimuli to turn up with each other. Mulderrig goes on to admit “I was losing sight of what’s important”, wishing to “ebb and flow” more naturally with someone so deserving. Adding traditional Hawaiian elements to the track, like bent guitar chords and a kettle drum, truly whisks the listener far, far away from any mundane reality. Wherever you may be in the world, welcome to island time!

After three full-length albums, not to mention their monthly Come On Over web series gaining popularity on YouTube, the sky is the limit for Aloha Radio. One can only hope that more songs of escapism are on the way… we all really need it! For more information on Aloha Radio or to stream the single now, visit the links below.

-Kristy Rose, Top Shelf Music Mag