Posted by SHELIA

When you hear a band called ALOHA RADIO, one’s mind automatically goes to island time and the band takes you there with their music.

ALOHA RADIO is the best parts of the music that SUBLIME put on the music map minus that godforsaken song “What I Got”. (This hater is gonna hate that song. Always have, always will.)

Sexy rhythms and enticing guitar from Alex Barnett, Andrew Russell, and Chris Hori and plus the seductive vocals from Lauren Mulderrig, this SoCal foursome is part beach chic and part street smart sass. They’re groovy like surf rock and catchy as a pop song. Fun. Infectious. Chill. If you don’t want to get yourself to the nearest tiki bar while listening, then you need to step outside and get some Vitamin D in your veins!

Check out their song, “Green Light (All I See is Red)” below.

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