Introducing…Aloha Radio

Local surf-soul-rock ‘n’ roll band, Aloha Radio, will be releasing a brand new music video for See You Again on July 7. See You Again will be the first single from Aloha Radio’s latest EP, Pulling Me Under. Aloha Radio will debut the new video on their YouTube channel.

Written for a struggling friend, See You Again chronicles two people losing touch through “…telephone towers and wire bends”. The ukulele “jazz” ballad feels like a confessional lullaby, especially when the singer, Lauren Mulderrig hits the lyric “Maybe I never told you how much I care…Go to reach for me now, I will always be there” with bone shaking vibrato and sincerity. “We decided to release See You Again as our first single because this song really means something to us” states Mulderrig. “When we play it at shows it creates a deep connection with our audience. Everyone finds different meaning in the lyrics and I think that’s cool”.

See You Again gets up close and personal with Aloha Radio primarily featuring tightly framed shots of each members face. The new music video will feature Mulderrig singing the lyrics into a green rotary style phone to multiple strangers using a series of early cell phones, pay phones and call boxes. This isn’t another beach bound video from Aloha Radio, although the video was filmed in various locations throughout Southern California, the settings are dry, dusty and barren; quite opposite of their wet surf inspired sound. Directed and produced in house by Chris Hori, Aloha Radio’s drummer, See You Again is cinematic, creative and unique.

Be sure to watch See You Again for yourself on Aloha Radio’s YouTube channel next Monday 7 July.

Visit Aloha Radio’s website at for more information.

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