"Aloha Radio has evolved into one of the most unique and refreshing bands in Southern California."
- Steve Anderson, Motovaded Magazine

"ALOHA RADIO is the best parts of the music that SUBLIME put on the music map
minus that godforsaken song 'What I Got'."

-Shelia, 16Clefs.com

"This group is tighter than the curls at the Banzai Pipeline."
-Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine


With one foot in the sand and the other planted firmly in the streets, Aloha Radio brings a refreshing sound that encompasses everything that surrounds them. Based out of Orange County, CA the band has found a way to take everything you may know about music from California and combine it into one unique, modern output. Imagine an Indie-Rock sound mixed with a California Surf lifestyle intertwined with the soulful and sassy vocals coming from a female-fronted ensemble and you have the cutting-edge sound of Aloha Radio.

Now paired up with a new label, iSeed Records, the band has plans to debut a new album in 2015 while also re-releasing a collection of their previous work and fan favorites on the same day. With a new team and the love each member has for each other serving as the band’s backbone, Aloha Radio is ready to reach new heights and take their one-of-a-kind sound to unexplored areas.

Aloha Radio is:
Lauren Mulderrig - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Lyrics
Alex Barnett - Guitar, Vocals, Lap Steel, Lyrics
Andrew Russell - Bass, Vocals
Chris Hori - Drums, Vocals